Types of Child Visitation and Access

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As a divorcee with children, you have certain legal rights and obligations when it comes to your minor children. In many cases, the court will have outlined child custody, visitation, access, and support order. Depending upon the circumstances of the divorce and your existing relationship with your children, the court can decide to order different… Read more »

Debt & Divorce

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Ever wonder what role debt has in your divorce? What are the implications of debt on the division of assets or support payable? Can debt work in your favor? This post will provide some insight on how debt factors into essential aspects of your divorce such as the division of property.   In Ontario property… Read more »

Prenuptial Agreements: What You Should Know

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So you’re thinking about drafting a prenuptial agreement, or a ‘marriage contract’. Perhaps you’re wondering what sorts of issues the contract can address, and what will not be enforced by the courts. This blog post seeks to tell you a few things you should know. How do you make a Prenuptial Agreement or Marriage Contract?… Read more »