Mediation-arbitration can be a cost-effective solution for resolving certain family law disputes. The process involves both parties, along with their respective counsel, choosing a senior family law lawyer to serve as the mediator and arbitrator in the proceeding. At Kain and Ball,one of the divorce law firms in Toronto, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best result with as little conflict as possible and we have found the mediation-arbitration process to be an effective solution for those clients who want to reach a final resolution of their issues in an efficient and relatively low conflict manner.


The purpose of mediation-arbitration is to try to resolve disputes without having to engage in litigation.  Generally, the parties first enter into mediation, whereby the mediator works with both the parties and their counsel to help them reach a mutually beneficial agreement to resolve the issues between them. If the mediation fails, and the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the arbitration process starts and the mediator then acts as arbitrator. The arbitration process is similar to the trial process; the main difference is that arbitrations are conducted in a private setting rather than in court, which is a public forum. The lawyers at Kain & Ball have successfully represented many clients in the mediation-arbitration process and have the experience and knowledge to provide assistance in resolving disputes using mediation-arbitration.


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