Toronto Divorce Lawyer Shares Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating

There are all different reasons why marriages fail and one of the biggest ones is where one spouse simply falls out-of-love with the other. He or she might attempt to remain in the marriage if there are minor children involved, but sooner or later, chances are they are going to start cheating because they do not like living in a loveless marriage(in their mind). There are telltale signs to watch for that could indicate your spouse is cheating.


1. They start doing their own laundry. If you are the one that normally does the laundry and all of a sudden they take an interest to help you out, it could be because they are hiding something.


2. They start arguments and fights over minor issues. This tactic is so that if they are caught, they can simply make the excuse you were always fighting.


3. There is a change to sexual activity. Instead of objecting to times when you don’t want sex, they are more agreeable and are perfectly content watching TV or a movie with you instead or just cuddling. Toronto Divorce Lawyer Shares Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating


4. Their dress and appearance changes. You notice they start wearing a new perfume or cologne, they are wearing new clothes, wear their hair differently, or are dressing fancier than they normally do.


5. They keep their smartphone with them all of the time. If it is a new habit, it means they don’t want you to see their text messages or have access to the phone.


6. They start turning the phone off when they spend time with you or the family, when they have not in the past. Shutting the phone off avoids getting caught or worrying about getting a text or phone call.

  7. They have changed the passwords on their devices and refuse to give it to you. Most couples share their passwords on their devices in healthy marriages. If they are refusing to share, it could indicate they are cheating.


8. Date nights become less frequent or are cut short. Instead of spending time with you, they start making excuses they are having a “guys” or “girls” night out instead.


9. You discover your spouse has a “secret” credit card. Most couples share joint accounts and in cases where they have separate ones, they at least know about them.


10. You notice strange posts to their social media pages. Some cheaters forget they are friends with their spouse, and are actually caught from posts on their Facebook or other social media sites.


Please keep in mind, in some cases, your spouse may exhibit one or more of the above behaviours, but may not be cheating. There are also times when they are overly cautious and may not do any of the above, yet could still be cheating.


Before confronting them, it is better to be 100% sure, otherwise, if your marriage is just going through a rough patch, you could make things worse, leading to separation and divorce, rather than a reconciliation. If you have confronted them, and they have acknowledged they are cheating and want to end the marriage, then it is time to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer in Toronto from Kain & Ball Family Law Lawyers by calling 647-499-4888 today.

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